The Melanin Hemp Goddess Mission: 

Provide a homeopathic alternative for women of color to help manage stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia and any other obstacles we, as women, may face.

About Us: 

Melanin Hemp Goddess has two focal areas: amplifying the representation of women of color within the hemp industry and destigmatizing hemp usage by women. Women of color are more likely than any other group to experience some form of trauma or mental health disorder. Studies have found CBD and hemp stands to be a powerful remedy, offering women of color a natural healing tool with several benefits and uses. This is why Melanin Hemp Goddess advocates for the acknowledgment of women of color in the hemp and CBD industry. We aim to simultaneously break down barriers for these women and ourselves.

About Products: 

The Melanin Hemp Goddess Shop offers high quality supplies and premium hemp flower for new or experienced consumers. We provide the accessories and supplies you need to help you enjoy yourself and heal all naturally. Created for and by women of color, get ready to toke like the goddess you are.

About CEO: 

Desiree Finely the female entrepreneur behind Melanin Hemp Goddess. She created the company to destigmatize the use of plant medicine for all women especially black women. As she was experiencing always seeing the same products and having the same experiences at smoke shops, that did not represent her or make her feel comfortable, she decided to create her own shop. Through The Melanin Hemp Goddess Desiree has been able to create the products she’s always wanted to see.